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Hand Painted Italian Ceramics & Tuscan Pottery

Tuscan pottery is a main staple of any Tuscan kitchen. Colorful handpainted Italian pottery not only brightens shelves and nooks it also serves double duty as canisters & containers. They're so beautiful...our design team can't resist! Add imported Italian ceramics to counter tops and above cabinets for authentic Tuscan flair in your kitchen and dining areas. All our Majolica Italian ceramics biscotti jars, canisters, olive oil bottles, spoon rests and Italian ceramics serving bowls are hand-made & hand painted by master artisans in Italy.

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Italian Ceramic Biscotti Jar - Italian pottery from Italy Italian Ceramic Utensil Vases Imported from Italy - Fine Italian Pottery Italian Pottery Canisters - Ceramics Imported from Italy

Hand Painted Biscotti Jars - from Italy

$138.00 -$298.00

Tuscan Pottery Utensil Vases

$188.00 - $218.00

Beautiful Italian Ceramics Canisters

$138.00 - $698.00

Tuscan Pottery Olive Oil Bottles - Imported Gifts from Tuscany Italian Pottery from Tuscany Italian Ceramic Spoon Rest from Deruta, Italy

Olive Oil Bottles - Italian Ceramics Pottery

$98.00 - $258.00

Italian Ceramic Bowls & Centerpieces

$248.00 - $978.00

Authentic Italian Ceramics Spoon Rest

$48.00 - $58.00