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How to Design A Bedroom in Tuscan Italian Mediterranean Style Bedroom Picture
Mediterranean Bedroom Design by Sennikoff Architects
Bedroom Makeover Picture

Is it time for a bedrooom makeover? Designing a Tuscan Bedroom is easy when you follow our helpful decorating ideas. We've selected pictures of beautiful Tuscan bedrooms. Follow along while we discuss the Tuscan colors, bedroom furniture, and home bedroom design of each space. Make a list of items you have, need, and need to change. Follow the designer's "Hit List"for bedroom decor & you'll know exactly where to begin. Check back often - we'll be adding more Tuscan bedroom pictures and bedroom makeover ideas regularly.

Tuscan Bedroom Designer Review- Bedroom Decorating Ideas for an Italian Country Retreat

By Diane Hendrickson - See Our Hit List of Designer's Picks

Whether your idea of a dreamy Tuscan style bedroom is straight out of an opulent 18th century palazzo, or a rustically simple farmhouse, one thing is certain. Tuscan bedrooms are the place to be when you want to unwind and relax. Looking to bring a little "dolce vita" into your home with a bed room makeover? Now, you can!

This time our Tuscan bedroom picture features a beautiful yet simple Tuscan bedroom design. Follow along as we break down the Tuscan elements of this space, as well as tell you how to design a bedroom in Tuscan style. With a little effort, you'll soon be enjoying your own relaxing place to rest and rejuvenate.

Break it Down - Tuscan Bedroom Decor Style

Let's take a look at the Tuscan bedroom picture. Can you spot the Tuscan elements found there? We have identified five components that are essential to recreating this home bedroom design...let's see if you figured them out.
Tuscan Bedroom Paint Colors
The Tuscan bedroom colors used in this master bedroom design are inspired by the Tuscan landscape.

1. Master Bedroom Colors – This Tuscan bedroom design features an earth tone color palette inspired by the agrarian Tuscan landscape.  Tuscan bedroom paint colors are often the same as those seen in other areas of the home.  In the inspiration photo, we see a muted golden wall and ceiling color, which appears to have a glaze treatment to give it a time-worn look. 

The bedding is a neutral tan with a terracotta band.  Grey accent pillows are punctuated by a touch of vibrant red to coordinate with other fabrics in the room.  The wing chair sports an earthy terracotta tone, and the drapery panels and fabric cornice feature a gold background with chocolate brown and red damask pattern. 

Adding warmth to the room are the rich wood tones in a reddish brown mahogany stain found on the ceiling beams, and Tuscan bedroom furniture. Scrolling black wrought iron accents are seen in the hanging chandelier above, and on the utilitarian table beneath the window. The flooring is very warm and neutral, in what appears to be light grey patterned carpeting. 
Tuscan Lighting Table Lamp In Mystic Black Iron
This wrought iron accent lamp is styled perfectly for Tuscan bedroom design and adds warm romantic lighting to the space. Buy Now.

2. Wrought Iron Accents – Scrolled iron makes an appearance in this Tuscan bedroom design.  Notice the beautiful shape of the drum style chandelier above with faux candlelight.  The style is elegant, yet in keeping with the simple style of the room. 

The desk / table placed beneath the window features a rustic iron knot design on the X style legs.  Accent lamps fall in line sporting a dark metallic finish, echoed in the curtain rod above the far window.

Tuscan bedroom furniture table
Tuscan bedroom furniture
Warm wood tones and iron X shaped legs are perfect for Tuscan design. Click to Buy.

3. Warm Wood Tones – One of the most endearing things about this Tuscan bedroom is the use of warm wood tones throughout the space.  While the soaring wood beams steal the show, the beautiful carved headboard makes a grand statement on its own. The nightstand and dresser echo the warm wood theme in simplistic style, as well as the trim on the wing chair and the top of the desk table. 

To complete the look, the window trim is stained in a matching wood tone, and if you look closely, you’ll find what appear to be wood panels across the bottom of the window on the far wall.  Just the right amount of wood, spread around the room gives this Tuscan bedroom it’s unified, rustically comfortable charm.

Tuscan Bedroom Design Hit List Item
Waverly Archival Urn Rosso
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4. Textured  fabrics – One of our favorite things about this room is the gold, ruby, and brown damask fabric used on the curtains and cornice on the windows.  It adds just the right amount of red into this otherwise neutral palette. 

Similarly, the terracotta upholstery on the wing chair adds a touch of color without competing with the draperies.   The bedspread is neutral, with quilted stitching which adds texture, but allows it to remain simple in style.

Authentic Tuscan bedding is traditionally very simple, without the fussiness that Americans often add to the bed. 

Tuscan Bedroom Furniture - Tommy Bahama Loose Back Chair in Seranato Suede
Simple yet elegant, this Tuscan wing style chair features graceful curves, & buttery soft suede in Tuscan bedroom colors. Click to Buy.

5. Tuscan Furniture - The furniture in this Tuscan bedroom is simple, yet beautiful.  The craftsmanship is apparent, with nothing too showy or ostentatious. 

Graceful curves of the beautiful headboard, wing back chair, and legs on the desk table balance out the boxy rectangular shapes.  The wood tones are balanced, with stain colors coordinating throughout the space. 

Overall, this Tuscan bedroom design is clean, simple, and comfortable, and the bedroom furniture reflects this in perfect taste.

Bring it Home – How To Design A Bedroom in Tuscan Style

We’ve identified what makes this bedroom beautifully Tuscan, so to recreate this space at home, we’ll need to put on our thinking caps and push up those sleeves. Let’s get this bedroom makeover moving!

Define your area – Starting with the shell, evaluate your Tuscan Bedroom area.  For best results, measure your space, and create a layout or blueprint for your design. For an exact look, try to mimic the scale, materials, and placement of elements to resemble those used in the photo. For Home & Bedroom Design, we recommend a visit to www.Plan3D.com. You can try it today for free, and it's really easy!

Add Tuscan Flooring & Paint – It’s always ideal to begin with a blank canvas so to speak, so clear out your space, and let’s start with the shell of the room… the walls and flooring.  The flooring used in the inspiration photo is so neutral you can barely see it.  While we know it’s there, the subtle pattern does not add or detract from the rest of the design.  So, you’ll need to keep this in mind when considering flooring materials for your Tuscan bedroom makeover.  If you have hardwoods or colored carpeting, you may consider adding a beige or gray toned area rug like the one in the picture to neutralize the flooring.  This allows for more flexibility when selecting interesting fabrics later.

The walls seen in the inspiration picture look weathered in true Old World style.  The exact hue is difficult to pinpoint as the shades change with the lighting, but if you look toward the window, the daylight reveals a golden shade with a darker glaze or Venetian plaster effect to add an air of authenticity.

Designer Diane Hendrickson Hit List Pick
Calvin Klein Smoke Tuscan Area Rug Durable & beautiful, this 100% Wool neutral toned area rug has a subtle pattern for added texture. Buy Now.

The Tuscan paint color is continued upward onto the ceiling only to be interrupted by the rich brown tones of the rustic ceiling beams.  Use a golden base coat with a darker second coat for that mottled effect.  Or, if you are not into painting, try Venetian plaster wallpaper for a similar effect.

Beautiful, lightweight faux ceiling beamsWhat about those ceilings?  If your bedroom does not have similar ceilings, don’t fret.  Just know that with a little bit of creativity, you can always add the “essence” of wood beam with paint or trim for a similar effect. 

We like to use trim painted in a rich brown, and nailed to the ceiling in strategic places to replicate the look and feel of structural timbers.  If you can operate a nailgun (orhammer) and saw, you can install them.  Just attach to the ceiling studs so they stay put. 

By far the easiest and best looking way to get the Tuscan wood ceiling beam look is with these fantastic Faux Timber Beams products. They look 100 % authentic are extremely durable, are cost effective and easy to install. Now you can have those Tuscan Timber beams in your own home!

Venetian Plaster Treatment for Painting Walls in Tuscan Style
Venetian Plaster Paint allows you to customize your walls in authentic Tuscan paint colors. Buy Now.

Venetian Plaster Wallpaper in Tuscan colors.  No painting required...
Venetian plaster wall coverings are perfect for hiding wall imperfections. Available in a variety of Tuscan colors. Buy Now.

Add Tuscan Colors - Here is the color scheme used in the inspiration picture. I am using a Sherwin Williams fan deck, and the numbers and names are shown.  You can use similar Tuscan paint colors from the paint manufacturer of your choice.  Keep in mind: Computer monitor colors vary greatly.  For best results, refer to the paint chips at the paint store for best color matching.

Tuscan Decor Designer's Hit List for Mediterranean Garden - Tuscan color palette
Tuscan Bedroom Paint Colors for Designing a Bedroom in Tuscan Style
Use these Tuscan bedroom colors to design a bedroom in Italian style like the inspiration picture.

Add Tuscan Lighting – The inspiration room features a lovely drum style scrolled ironwork chandelier with faux candles.  This Tuscan light fixture is about the most elaborate item in the room.  The open design allows even distribution of the light, and the scrolled pattern adds just the right amount of flair in juxtaposition to the straight lines of the ceiling beams, and rustic bedroom design.

Toss in a few strategically placed table lamps for accent lighting in a dark wood or bronzed metallic tone to cast romantic shadows throughout the space at night.

Tuscan Decorating expert selected this item
Open Ironwork Six Light Candle Chandelier for Tuscan Home Lighting
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Add Tuscan Bedroom Furniture – The star of this room is by far the beautifully carved wood paneled bed with curved top head and footboards.  Select a Tuscan bedroom set with similar proportions and lines to recreate this look.  If your ceilings are lower, or your space is smaller, stay within the same style, but in a scaled down version so as not to overcrowd the room or overpower the rest of the decor. 

Add two simple nightstands similar in stain color to match the bed, and a dresser or other pieces to suit your needs.  The repurposed table serves as a desk in the space.  It features a basic wood board top (possibly with slate inserts) and a traditional X style iron leg and base. Use a similar styled sofa table for the same effect if you don’t have the space for a long table.  

The wing chair shows off graceful curves in a coordinating terracotta upholstery fabric and wood accent trim.  Add a chair with similar lines, in a wing back or wing style.  The chair also features a Queen Anne leg and rolled arms and looks comfy, making it the perfect candidate for relaxing in the quiet space and gazing out the windows.

Designer's Hit List Pick
Brookside Meadowview Tuscan Bedroom Furniture Picture
This Tuscan style bedroom furniture is perfect for designing a master bedroom in Italian style. The rich wod tones and wrought iron details are rustically beautiful. Buy Now.

Add Tuscan Bedding – Authentic Tuscan bedding is traditionally very simple, without the fussiness that Americans often add to the bed.  Italians hate dust collectors, and often opt for a simple spread that does not reach the floor and allows for ample cleaning under the bed. For a rustic look follow suit with a simple bedspread or coverlet.  Want a higher end Italian palazzo design fit for a queen?  Select opulent Tuscan bedding in silk like fabrics, with rich woven designs.   


Bedroom Designer Pictures Tuscan Style Decor for Home
Sforza Quilted Coverlet Tuscan bedding Made in Italy
This quilted coverlet is ideal for Tuscan bedroom design. It is simple, yet elegant, Made in Italy, and available in 24 colors to suit. Buy Now.

Add Finishing Touches with Tuscan Accessories – This room, though rustic, is neat and uncluttered.  Accessories are limited to accent pillows in hues to match the bedding, and a pop of red to coordinate with the fabulous draperies and cornice fabric.  Add large and small urn style planters, a drum style garbage can for the desk area, a neutral throw for the wing chair, a miscellaneous box and dish as accent pieces, and you are done.  

Tuscan Decor Hit List for Garden Accessories
Kingsbury Blackout Panel Tuscan Bedroom Curtains for Windows
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