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Designing Your Own Tuscan Kitchen with Style:

How to Create An Attractive Italian Kitchen

"How do I design and decorate my plain kitchen to 
look like a fabulous Tuscan kitchen?"

Designing and decorating a Tuscan kitchen is a lot of fun, and can be done on any size budget.  A smaller budget just means that you will need to be more selective in choosing your accessories, and do the work yourself. 

One of the reasons the Tuscan decorating style is such a popular trend is because it is grounded in simplicity, functionality, and comfort.  This applies to the Tuscan kitchen as well. 

In Italian villas, the kitchens are the place to be, and are enjoyed by family and friends as they prepare fabulous food. It is a space for love and laughter, a place to entertain and enjoy.  It is important to keep this in mind as you design your new space.

Whether starting from scratch, or just updating an existing kitchen to the Tuscan style, it will be very helpful if you have a design plan to guide you while you are making the changes.

Do I have to design my kitchen on paper?

It's a great idea! Being able to visually experience your new kitchen before you have even started will give you a great idea of how your space will look when you are finished. This will help you stay on track during the interior design & decorating process.

Professional interior designers and architects always have a blueprint or room layout to guide the design process.

This ensures that the finished layout is logical for the cook, flows sensibly for maximum efficiency, and is ultimately a fantastic space to entertain and enjoy. 

You will want to spend some time doing this as well, keeping in mind that this is your kitchen, and you will most likely be spending a lot of time there.

Planning your work space can be as easy as mapping the floor plan out on some graph paper, making sure to mark off the location of cabinets, appliances, furniture, etc. This is a great option if you are decorating on a budget, or if you are technically challenged when it comes to using computer software.

Tuscan Kitchen Decor Picture
This Italian style kitchen features ceramic tile, Venetian bronze fixtures, stone backsplash mural, and romantic arches as part of the design. See floorplan here.

What if I need help designing my room?

If you are willing to step "out of the box", why not try a really great tool that makes planning your new kitchen a snap? There are many design layout tools available for the computer.  While they vary in complexity, some of them are very user friendly, and not intimidating at all for the new designer.

One of our favorite tools is a fabulous piece of Kitchen Design Software that enables you to "go inside" your Tuscan design so that you can see exactly what your room will look like when it is finished.  You can Try it Now Free and have your new kitchen design laid out in a very short period of time.

Not able to design a room all by yourself?   Take a few hints from the professionals.  One of our secrets for achieving a custom design look is to replicate the design from an interior design photo.

Just find a picture of a Tuscan kitchen you love.

What are the materials used?  What flooring,  cabinet style, lighting, colors, and decorating accessories do you see?  Use the photo as the pattern for designing your own space, and it will look fantastic as well.

Tuscan Kitchen Design Software

Tuscan Kitchen Design Layout
Layout your kitchen design on graph paper or use planning software to create your design layout.

Finding pictures is easy! Just browse the internet, magazines or cabinet catalogs to find a kitchen design that suits you.  This will give you an inspirational head start when you design your own.

To make your kitchen look fabulous, you'll also need to have just the right decorating accessories.  Some of the most popular items found in the kitchens of Tuscany are authentic Italian Ceramics.  Decorated by master artisans in Italy, these beautiful, hand painted Italian pottery pieces are an essential item for storage and beauty in your kitchen.  Italian ceramic biscotti jars, canisters,serving bowls, and olive oil cruetsare the perfect blend of form and function. 

If you have space over your cabinets, it is the perfect place to add Tuscan style accessories. Stand pictures and plates up on easels for better visibility. Stack a rooster or accent piece on boxes

Where can I learn more about  kitchen decorating?

For more information on design,  we carry many helpful Tuscan decorating books in our book department.   

Tuscan Kitchen Decor & Accessories

Kitchen Paper Towel Holder

Wrought Iron Paper Towel Holders - Beautiful designs to suit your kitchen decor.

Tuscan Rooster for Kitchen Counter Top Ceramic Roosters - Hand Painted in Italy by master artisans.
Kitchen Canisters Italian Ceramics Italian Ceramics Canisters - Vivid colors and original Deruta designs from Italy.

Learn how to hang a pot rack here.    

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