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Designers who love the Tuscan style. For us it's a lifestyle choice. We love to surround ourselves with the "essence" of Tuscany... family, friends, and comfortable, lived in, beautifully decorated homes, on any budget. We offer accessories, and Tuscan decorating style ideas. We don't just show you beautiful pictures. We teach you how to break each room down and give you the confidence to recreate this beautiful style in your own home.

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There is something really special about the Tuscan home decor style. Warm wood tones, stone and iron accents, and earthen color tones have a way of making us feel very comfortable in a space. Add some warm, ambient lighting, and you have created the perfect conditions for relaxation, and elegant comfort.

If you have traveled to Italy, and loved it, you will instantly recognize the essence of the style when it is carefully infused into a home's interior design. Not that there is anything difficult about it, because there isn't. It just takes an awareness of what makes the style "tick". By visiting our design blog, looking at the old world decor pictures, and perusing our Tuscan shop, you will get a clear idea of how to decorate in Tuscan style, and what types of accessories help evoke that Italian villa "mood".

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The Tuscan home decor style is inspired by the rolling Italian countryside, rustic farmhouse villas, beautiful Italian art, and exquisite hand painted ceramics of Tuscany.  Look for the "style guide clue" tag (seen above) for helpful tips on how to decorate your home in Tuscan style.  Tuscan decorating is all about tapping into the colors & textures of nature. For inspiration, simply look outside, or visit our Tuscan Design Center.

Decorating any home in this charming and comfortable style is easy with Tuscan Decor's helpful decorating guides, and just the right accessories. Embark on a Tuscan decorating journey today right from your own home. Whether you seek a comfortable Tuscan kitchen perfect for entertaining, or a relaxing outdoor living space, here you'll find just the right home decorating accessories to suit your impeccable sense of style. Thank you for joining us!

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