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In Search of A Kitchen Pot Rack:

How to Determine Which Pot Rack Is Best For Your Kitchen


"I want to hang a pot rack in my kitchen.   
How do I select the best one?"

A pot rack can be an excellent way to free up storage space in your kitchen, as well as serve as a lovely accent piece for kitchen decorating.  Determining which pot rack is best for your situation is easy if you consider a couple of things before making your final pot rack selection. 

What is the decor style of your kitchen?  Is it modern? Tuscan or old world (our favorite)? You should select a pot rack style that is consistent with your kitchen decor style.

Once you have determined the overall style of your kitchen, you should be able to narrow down what pot rack finish will also work with your decor.

Certain decor styles will often naturally dictate what finish you will have on your rack.  For instance, if you have a very contemporary kitchen with clean, straightforward lines and boxy geometric shapes, you may want to buy a pot rack constructed of stainless steel in a shiny metallic finish.  A curvy, romantic shape might be a nice contrast to the hard lines.    


If you have an arts and crafts style kitchen, you may want to look for a linear pot rack design in a rustic brown finish. If you have a Tuscan kitchen, you will likely want to select a pot rack of hand forged iron, in a rustic black or brown finish. A scrolled, elaborate design might be nice, or a simplistic shape depending on what else you have going on in the kitchen.   


The Scrolled Wrought Iron Pot Rack with tortoise glass finial looks at home in the Tuscan kitchen.

What size pot rack should I buy?

To determine what size pot rack will work best in your kitchen, answer these two questions: What is the purpose of your pot rack, and what is the scale of the space?  By purpose, I mean, is the pot rack primarily decorative, or is it really going to hold all of your pots? 

If the pot rack is simply a decorative accent, then you don't have to consider this much more, and can skip to the scale question.   If you are going to display all of your pots, make sure that your new rack will accommodate the number of pots you are planning to hang on the rack.  Need fantastic looking new pots? We recommend our friends at

In respect to scale, consider the overall size of the kitchen, the height of the  ceiling, the size of the space where the pot rack will hang, and the size of the items around it.  For instance, if you are hanging the pot rack over a kitchen island, the scale of the pot rack needs to be relative to the scale of the island. 

It would look out of place to have a large bulky island with a tiny pot rack overhead, and vice versa.  If you have lower ceilings, or are cramped for space in your kitchen, it would probably be more appropriate to use a wall rack or smaller design to better suit your kitchen space.  

Once you have determined the style, finish, and size of your pot rack, you should be ready for the fun part... shopping!  Be sure to select a style that is sturdy, from a store that can answer any additional pot rack questions you might have.  Tuscan Decor carries the highest quality hand forged wrought iron pot racks and is available to assist you.  Shop with us in confidence.

This Single Beam Pot Rack works well in a small space, or above the sink close to the wall.


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Where can I learn more about  kitchen decorating?

For more information on design,  we carry many helpful Tuscan decorating books in our book department, including the book Tuscan Elements, by Alexandra Black. 

You might also be interested in the book Design Ideas for Kitchens (2nd edition).

Learn how to hang a pot rack here.  


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