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The Tuscan Decorating Style:

Understanding the Tuscan Stone Element 


"I want to decorate my home in the Tuscan style. 
How do I decorate with stone for an authentic look?"

Seen practically everywhere throughout the hillsides of the Tuscan region, stone is quite literally a foundational element to Tuscan architecture, both indoors and out. 

Used in farmhouses, churches, castles, and hillside villages alike, stone has been used as a primary building material throughout Tuscany and other parts of Europe for many centuries. 

Click to see a 2br - lovely cottage which utilizes the Tuscan Element of stone
in its design.

 Perhaps one of the greatest reasons for the extensive use of stone throughout Tuscany is the natural abundance of this element in the volcanic geography.


Throughout history, structures were built from whatever resources were readily available.  For Tuscany, this material was frequently sandstone (which is easily found near the surface of the volcanic soil), limestone, and marble, all available in countless varieties of quality and color.   


It was likely the Romans who, by around 40 BC had pioneered the quarrying of stone, and are credited for the extensive use of it throughout the Tuscan region. 


They were quite aware of the importance of solid building materials and practices for defensive purposes, as well as the aesthetic value of various architectural details such as columns and sculptures.


 The Romans were particularly fond of the prized white Carrera marble, as were later architects and sculptors of the Renaissance period.  The love of this beautiful white marble eventually trickled down to even the simplest of homes, as evidenced in garden fountains and simple kitchen basins.

2br - lovely cottage
A Tuscan villa featuring stone exterior
walls and arched entry. Go see for yourself!
Click on picture for rental details.
A stone courtyard demonstrates effective use of stone arches and columns so prevalent
in Tuscan architecture.

How is the stone element used in modern Tuscan design and decorating?

Other prized varieties of marble soon made their way into Italian homes on the tops of fine furnishings such as tables and chests.  This enduring trend is popular today, particularly in the Tuscan style of decorating. 

Examples of stone applications commonly used in modern Tuscan "style" homes are marble and ceramic tiled floors, granite countertops, rough stucco / Venetian plaster wall treatments, carved urns, garden statuary and fountains.  The permanence, solid durability, and natural beauty of stone have been enjoyed in the Tuscan home for centuries.  

Tuscan Decor features heirloom quality Italian Marble Fruit that looks good enough to eat.  The prized Italian Carrara marble originates from the same marble quarries in Tuscany used by Michelangelo to create his famous masterpieces, and is artfully crafted by five skillful Italian artisans of the renowned Rovai Family Marble Works in Italy.

For more information on Tuscan decorating and employing the Tuscan design style in your home, please visit the Tuscan Decorating Center.  Be sure to bookmark the Tuscan Design Center, and check back regularly for updates.  We are always adding valuable tips and advice for decorating your home in Tuscan style.

Tuscan style furniture featuring hand
forged wrought iron with stone top.

This Mango is hand carved by Italian artisans
from the prized Carrera marble.

Tuscan Stone Accessories:

Tuscan Furniture - Stone & Iron to suit your style.

Marble Fruit - Natural Stone Fruit carved by Italian artisans.

Garden Fountains - Durable faux stone designs will soothe your soul with the sound of flowing water.

Where Can I learn more about decorating in the Style of Tuscany?

For more information on Tuscan decorating,  we carry many helpful Tuscan decorating books in our book department, including the book Tuscan Elements, by Alexandra Black.  Some other titles include:


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Decorating in the Tuscan style

can be fun & easy!

The Tuscan Design Center

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