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Tuscan Elements
Tuscan Kitchen

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The Tuscan Decorating Style:

Understanding the Tuscan Elements 


"I want to decorate my home in the Tuscan style. 
What elements should I include for an authentic look?"

The Tuscan decorating style is truly one of the most endearing home decor styles today, and is also one of the most enduring. 

At the very core of the Tuscan decorating style is infused a centuries old love of beauty, simplistic function, and superior artistic craftsmanship, expressed so elegantly throughout every village and home in Tuscany. 

The warm, vibrant colors, earthen accents, and solid wood furniture all invoke a sense of comfortable familiarity with the past.

The elements of wood, earth, stone, and water are a common theme of Tuscan villa interiors and outdoors throughout the Italian country landscape. Understanding these elements will enable you to better incorporate them into your own Tuscan home and garden. 


Those who have experienced the decorating style of Tuscany firsthand will tell you that it is comfortable and happy. 


The Tuscan way of living is a relaxed way of living - not flashy or pretentious.  It is defined by a focus on finding love and beauty in things most important: family, friends, and even food. 


The desire to return to a more relaxed way of living has encouraged many to embrace this time honored, nostalgic style, and seek to replicate it in their own surroundings.  

Tuscany Stone

Wood Water

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Do I have to be an Interior Designer to decorate in Tuscan style?

No.  For the "do-it-yourself" designer, the true beauty of the Tuscany style may very well be it's adaptability to the modern home. 

Tuscan decorating elements can easily be infused into most living situations with minimal effort.  One need only a touch of inspiration and knowledge of these basic  elements of Tuscany decorating to begin creating this comfortable, elegant style in their own home.

We hope you enjoy browsing the Tuscan Decorating Center.  Be sure to bookmark the Tuscan Design Center, and check back regularly for updates.  We have some great new information coming soon!

Tuscan Decorating Accessories:

Tuscan Furniture - Wood & Iron to suit your style.

Marble Fruit - Natural Stone Fruit carved by Italian artisans.

Italian Ceramics - Vivid colors and original Deruta designs from Italy.

Garden Fountains - Soothe your soul with the sound of flowing water.

Where Can I learn more about decorating in the Style of Tuscany?

For more information on Tuscan decorating,  we carry many helpful Tuscan decorating books in our book department, including the book Tuscan Elements, by Alexandra Black.  Some other titles include:



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